49ers settle for field goal to end 20-play, 13-minute opening drive

The 49ers opened today’s game in Jacksonville with one of the longest drives in NFL history. But they didn’t have a touchdown to show for it.

Kyle Shanahan decided to settle for a field goal instead of going for it on fourth-and-1 to end a 20-play drive against the Jaguars. The official time of the drive was 13:05.

According to QuirkyResearch.com, that was the second-longest drive as far as accurate drive data can be found, which is since the 1981 NFL season. The only drive longer was a Titans drive against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 1997. That drive, which started in the third quarter and ended in the fourth, took 13:27 off the clock and also ended with a field goal.

The 49ers started their game last week with an 18-play drive against the Rams. That drive, however, ended with a touchdown.

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